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I have over 15 years experience and a PHD in Education would I get a much higher salary?
I’m of Asian descent, what are the chances of me finding a job?
I’m black, what are the chances of finding a job?
What is the difference between public school and Private school positions?
Do I have to pay for the flight myself?
Who can teach in Korea? What nationalities are able to get a teaching work visa?
Why have I not got a position or offer yet?
Am I too old or too young?
I don’t have a university degree, what kind of position can I get?
Can I find a position with a shorter contract time of 3-6 months?
Why do you need a picture and what kind of picture would be best…?
Does Nationality Matter?
Is it safe to live in Korea?
What kind of things should I bring to Korea?
How much money should I bring?